Red Bean Mochi Recipe – SORTED Eats Japan


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  1. When Kung Fu Panda 3 came out my friend and I made Asian themed foods to eat before the movie. She made mochi but she couldn't get a hold of red beans so she just used kidney beans. Not very authentic, but it tasted good!

  2. Hey since watching your video with my husband I've really wanted to try to make some mochi so I sent hubby to tesco after a check online that they sold rice flour but after 3 attempts I'm either end up with a weird mash or some sort of mash biscuit on my rice flour it said gluten free is that my problem? or am I just doomed never to be able to cook any cool recipes I find on YouTube

  3. the sesame one is often found in china town in Japan, and the authentic way of making it is by frying the sesame covered mochi in oil. that gives you the extra crunch you were talking about in the video, and its super delicious to eat while its still steaming hot!!!

  4. Red mung beans, and dried products, mushrooms, and a lot of herbs, were invented by China very early in the morning when, later in other countries to refine, package pretty advanced and attractive buy📖☺

  5. Japan earlier in the development of advanced, to copy some food, improved a little, food packaging and pretty good, attracts a lot of people, in fact, these foods, China is, the first📖☺

  6. I am no expert, being an American who's never been outside the country… but I've at mochi before.. and I've watched a few videos on it. Next time, you should put corn flour/ potato starch on top, then flatten it out while it's still warm, then stick it into the fridge to cool, then cut it into equal parts, dust it off, then fill it.

    There was a lot of extra mochi in the end product.

  7. Oh man, I remember getting these in Japan. I had no idea that they had red bean filling in them when I bought them (the picture on the display at the food stand made it look like chocolate) but man, they were so good. Never expected a food with beans in it to taste so sweet.

  8. I'm from Hawaii and a lot of people have done a lot of twists! Chocolate mochi with chocolate in the middle, mochi with chocolate and peanut butter in the middle, poi mochi (made with Taro), the combinations are endless!

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