Recipe Rehab Season 1, Episode 23: French Toast


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  1. Since when is this French toast?  Isn't French toast made by dipping slices of day-old bread in a liquid mixture of sugar, vanilla, flour, eggs, salt, and milk and then "toasting" it on an oiled griddle?  Chef Calvin is right:  this is bread pudding, not French toast!!

  2. I'd love to know how zesting and juicing is time consuming yet them slicing a banana for the other one isn't. I've noticed this show seems to make the family give bogus scores on some of them JUST to avoid a tie…

  3. When the mom said "Almond milk … do you think that's gonna taste good in our recipe?" it pissed me off. Part of establishing healthy habits in your kids is the parent themselves not being a whiny baby about healthy stuff. Parent's are supposed to be the role model for their kids. If the parents are all "ew healthy food gross" then the kids are not as likely to eat healthy foods. It's that simple.

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