Recipe Organization and Meal Planning


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  1. I never had a recipe binder until I came across your channel. Mine is considerably smaller than yours, because I just started it last year but I love having one. AND guess what? Almost all the recipes are from you!! Your recipes are so delicious and healthy. I get so tired of my own cooking, but I love yours. You are such a tremendous blessing to the YouTube community. Thank you Jen. You are a dear!!!

  2. Stunning online video! Right here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to catch this type of contents. We produce Travel & Food videos as well, all over the world, and we are constantly seeking inspirations and so concepts. Thank You.

  3. Get yourself an agent and pitch this binder as a cookbook. You will be taken seriously because of your body of work on You Tube. From Grocery Shopping to Meal Planning to Cooking for the Way We Live Now, as both title and scope of the book.. You must do this. You will fill a need for so many people and use your talent to its fullest potential. Just do it.

  4. I have had a recipe binder for years but I after I watched your first video on how you did yours back a few years ago I did update my tab dividers like yours because they were so much cuter than mine. Lol. I am working on making my "dinner" lists tho to add in the front. Always love you and your videos Jen!

  5. I always have trouble finding dividers that the tabs can extend beyond the sheet protector. How did you attach the tabs to the sheet protector so it would stay on securely? Thanks!

  6. Jen this is such a nice video! I love your section of meal ideas which I'm going to incorporate into my recipe binder. I also like the idea of making your own meal night. I have never thought of that. I always enjoy your video's and they are very inspiring! Thank you. You are such a blessing!!

  7. I love your idea and having a list of meal ideas, then just pulling ideas from those. When I started meal planning, I was just pulling ideas out of my head and that was too difficult and just allowed me to keep making the same 10-15 things. This is a great idea and I like the idea of organizing by the entree. Thanks, Jen!

  8. jen i have a back injury it puts me in bed for days ..this month i was down for 6 straight days..motivation is hard for me because it feels like my house falls apart.. Your videos really help me get moving sometimes i will even pause and work with you.. i just wanted you to know this ..Your videos mean so much to me..

  9. I love the recipe binder and your recipes! I ordered all the things to start one myself. I live in Holland so sizes are different and the big binder you use I cannot find here. Love you Jen and always looking forward to your video's ♥️☘

  10. I do something very similar. I also have a binder for holidays, and specific occasions, also a section on recipes given to me a relatives. we all love those recipes given to us by those we love.

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