REAL Vindaloo – Portuguese & Goan Indian Curry (professional recipe) for beef or pork


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  1. I remember that I was the one who asked you to do this dish. It seems like a lot but really its just a very steps over a few days and the results are second to none. I challenge anyone on here to fine a better Vindaloo. My cousin introduced me into vegetarian south Indian food over the holiday and I was amazed how much I loved it. I will be looking very closely into your indian dishes chef, as you have posted many….thanks again

  2. As always, this looks great. I made your onion soup recipe (well, as close as I could being vegetarian), and you were so right about cutting the onions along their axis and braising them. The result is still super-oniony, but without any harshness — well worth the wait. Would cutting the onions length-wise do anything for the vindaloo, or does the fast cooking render that a moot point (or does one want more onion zing)?

  3. Hey Greg, is there a chutney you would pair with this dish, or are the fresh chilies and onions enough? I'll be making it with beef.

  4. The pakistani restaurants also bastardize this dish by adding Potatoes to it. Thank you! I tried to tell countless people.. One of the more authentic ones i cooked came from Madhur Jaffrey. Vindaloo was often made with Pork in goa, and aloo got nothing to do with the word aloo which means potato/potatoes.

  5. This is just incredible! Insanely good. Unlike anything I had before. And also the whole process of making it is so enjoyable because when you know that the instructions you are following are by someone who really knows what he is doing….thank you so much

  6. this looks extremely promising, will give a small batch a go. The style of cooking reminds me of for me familiar scandinavian cooking (once influenced by Turkey and France) more than indian cooking, which probably makes perfect sense tbh considering being travellers and having problems with lack of heat 🙂 . And it definitely seems this dish has sailed far away from its origins, never seen "pickling" mentioned, just chillies, chillies, chillies. 🙂 So another great piece of work, chef!

  7. Completed this tonight.  Delicious!  Looking forward to the leftovers.  I think I would prefer this over naan rather than rice though.  Also I used palm sugar just cuz I have some.  Are any fresh herbs added to this at the end ever? 

  8. what cut of pork should I be using here?  I bought some sirloin but now I wonder if its too lean (especially after seeing the highly fatty pork you used in the pork mole video).  Would shoulder be better?

  9. If you plan to have Indian food several days in a row, then yes – certainly you are better off doing it ll at once. Or if you are planning a lengthy sea voyage, and are setting up provisions for your journey. LOL

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