Real Spaghetti Carbonara | Antonio Carluccio


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  1. I'm from Rome. and If you want to make a REAL Carbonara as good as that of the best restaurants in Rome, if not even
    better, check out the tutorial in my channel. Carbonara is made only with pecorino romano. The result must be creamy like cream, but it's only egg and pecorino.

  2. Chef Antonio – I just love you … and the real Spaghetti Carbonara!!! I like how you emphasize "NO cream" which is a mistake many make or a belief which many have. Viva l'Italia and viva Chef Antonio!!!! Grazie mille e … buon appetito!

  3. Finalmente viene mostrato come di fa la vera carbonara a persone non italiane perché andare all'estero e vedere che una salsa con panna e prosciutto cotto viene spacciata per carbonara è veramente inguardabile .Un saluto dalla mia meravigliosa e amata Italia

  4. I will remember to always check out Italian tutorials how to make pizza, pasta, lasagna and other Italian things before cooking this way Ill be sure that it will be delicious😊 I love how Italians pur heart into cooking its like art yummyy❤

  5. Just made this tonight. I'm in Tuscany for work and trying to find some nice, quick and simple recipes to cook in my apartment. This might well be THE best pasta dish I've ever had. So so simple, and so tasty. Absolutely perfect, and I will be making this again.

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