REAL Fettuccine Alfredo (Authentic Classic Italian Pasta Recipe)


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  1. What is the benefit of pushing it through the sieve whole rather than blending it first with a regular or stick blender? Isn't basically the same result achieved with a lot less work?

  2. Veggie stock for the pasta is a great idea — every recipe I've seen is absolutely bland and depends entirely on the sauce. A question about the stock: if one peels the veggies and uses an immersion blender before using the tamis, would that save time, or just let a lot of gritty fibers through the screen? Oh, and is there any value to chilling the dough before making sheets, or is that just a pizza dough concept?

  3. What am I doing wrong to the pasta? I measured and weighed everything to the gram using a digital scale. I followed directions but when it came to cutting the pasta (using an atlas pasta machine that has 6 settings) my pasta tries to reform once I make the nests, gumming back together. I did dust them. Might I be rolling them too thin? First time rolled to a 4 out of 6, second one to a 3 out of 6 which seemed slightly better. Did have a good flavor but among the pasta were the clumps of noodles which reformed into a glob.

  4. YES somebody says what I have been saying for years and years and years!! I have had many Alfredo loving friends. I have fought for decades to tell them that it is nothing but butter and cheese. There is no cream, there is no Bechamel, there is no garlic Etc. nobody would listen even when I inform them that I learned to make this dish in Italy by an Italian grandmother, my adopted Nona. Now I can refer to you when somebody argues with me over fettuccine alfredo. Thank you!

  5. Wow it looks so much better then those heavy cream versions!!! Can I add pecorino romano as well? I just love that cheese. I know this sounds weird but I like it better than the Parmigano reggiano. I really love both of them I just favor the other. I would also like to thank you for making these videos you have increased my skill sets so much. I could always cook well but these recipes and techniques bring me to another level. I will be buying your books!!!! Your are truly a superior cook.

  6. Hey Greg, I made the original a few weeks ago with some fresh pasta I made. I also added some pasta water to the butter and cheese and it created a beautifully homogenized sauce (per the original). I'll have to try your fresh pasta recipe. On a whim I picked up a bottle of turmeric yesterday and here I am checking out your video. It must be fate! Now I can use it as I had no idea what I was going to do with it!


    I found that the pasta water works better to bring everything together then a dash of cream (I tried it both ways to see which worked the best). I used two small ladle-fulls (I use a small ladle) of pasta water to about a 1/4 lbs. of butter and some Parmigiano Reggiano.

    Your finished product looked awesomely tasty!

  7. I just realized that I thought that I had made your version on this dish, but to my surprise I looked at the recipe and I was mistaken. I have not seen this recipe before. I know, shame on me for the assumption that thesomeone's inferior recipe I thought was yours was in fact not. Many apologies! I will be making this in about 2 weeks for meatless Mondays. No that is Bullshit, there is no such thing in my world as a whole day being meatless. I will be serving this alongside some nice chicken.

  8. Thank you chef, is very nice seing you do it with fresh pasta and double boiler. no need to sauce pasta and make it very different than using dry pasta

    Good job and thank you

  9. From North to South, authentic Italian dishes are known in all regions of Italy and it is not true that Italians don't know anything about what's being served in other regions. To me Authentic Italian cuisine is recognised all over Italy and eaten by Italians, like parmigiana or pasta all' amatriciana, carbonara, puttanesca, involtini alla Romana, focaccia, pizza, sugho della domenica….And many others. I know pasta Al burro(and to me it's like the lowest of the lowest dish, and I think it is to many Italians), but that' s not an authentic Italian dish, like I will never call Capuzell (a delicacy to some) an authentic Italian dish. It was maybe invented in Italy, it may still be eaten by some people, but that is not representative of authentic CUCINA ITALIANA. I don' t say it' s not an authentic recipe, I just say it' s not representative of authentic Italian cuisine, and I think Italians all around the world would agree. I don't think it has to be debated, just eat and prepare what

  10. Hey Chef, Ive been using my Atlas pasta machine alot and my entire family loves my homemade pasta, which I think is great, but lately to me, not my family, my pasta has a raw flour taste. What mistake/s can I be making? Ive tried kneading more and cooking a little longer with the same results. Thx Chef

  11. Just as much fun to make as to eat. It's too bad so few people realize how they can enjoy preparing a meal alongside their guests and enjoy the fruit of their labor along with them. Of course, it takes the right kind of kitchen.

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