REAL Classic French Onion Soup – THE FULL MONTY! (professional Michelin Star restaurant recipe)


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  1. I wish you showed the broiler step at the end. I'm a bit lost on your additional note. It says add Gruyere to the top of the soup OVER the crouton. Is this after the boiler step, and is the Gruyere added over top of the already cheesed crouton?

  2. Beautiful. I would definitely make & eat this… if only it didn't give me 3 hours of smelly farts afterwards 🙁
    Serious question – is there any detriment to using jarred, minced garlic in recipes like this (where the garlic is not part of the presentation) as opposed to cutting it fresh? The jars certainly seem to be full of flavor…

  3. Made it today. But first, I drove to the city to buy sherry. I wanted no exceptions from your recipe. The result was extremely satisfying. I can't wait my husband goes back from work and tries this soup. Thank you Chef for this recipe!

  4. hey chef,

    forgot to say things on my last post but thanks for the response.

    this video is seems to follow the theories of cooking. 340 oven, braising dish and cover for even heat (as well as using the oven) and voila nearly perfectly caramelized onions. question:

    1)In volume 3 you say that stocks cooked in a pressure cooker undergo the maillard reaction, but the pot maxes out at 120C yet the takes a minimum of 140C. can you explain what aides the the reaction to occur?

    2) So Ramsey has a video where he does a pork roasted over onions @120C for 8 hours. he declares the onions as caramelized. Is this some sort of boltzmann curve thing where if you get the onions close enough to for a long enough to time then enough sugars will hit the magical 170C? did he misclassify? idk just trying to see if you have thoughts on it ( will try to reply to this with the video I am referencing)

  5. Just a thank you note for revealing the wisdom and knowledge you have gained through your lifetime for free (I know you sell books, but these videos are very valuable too). I am a beginner cook but have the same ardor that I find in you – strive for perfectionism!

  6. Do you know what brand of sherry you used? I totally agree with your comment of not putting sugar into onions, for the sake of browning quicker or sweetening them up. I cringe when I see chefs do it.

  7. Chef, I hope I did not screw the pooch! I have the stock simmered to 42 ounces, its as clear of a stock as I ever made (I used a fine strainer). I have it in the fridge and I just realized, the onions will be done in the oven but I wont be cooking this for another 16 hours! In your video, the onions went right into the food processor. Will the onions be ok if I do not use them until tomorrow?

  8. Would it be best to use store bought beef stockpots or quality homemade chicken stock? I'm struggling to find marrow bones where I live.

    I will be trying this recipe with proper beef stock when I can, but I'm really in the mood for french onion. Appreciate your videos.

  9. As I type, the onions are braising in the oven. Two questions: all I have is a big stainless-lined copper pan with lid. Do I have to modify the oven temp or worry more about the onions burning than if I had a glass pan? Also, what about other cheeses misses the mark compared to Gruyere? I've had some disasters that way, but Comte seems to be pretty good taste-wise. OTOH, I haven't trying really browning the cheese on top (can't wait that long).

  10. I made this yesterday and was amazing! It was even better the second day, ( removed the fat from the top) I made the stock with beef ribs and was wonderful as well. Thank you for sharing the knowledge, I never knew onions could be so good!

  11. So I'd never had French Onion Soup in my life but I'd heard a few of my overseas friends going on about it. Found this recipe and made it.

    At the very end I was trying the soup in between each addition and holy crap! I kept thinking it couldn't possibly get better – and then it did!

    I need to quadruple this recipe next time – that might just be enough for me. My flatmate will be shit out of luck!

  12. Could I use a tiny bit of MSG in this, or would it ruin it? In no way am I suggesting your recipe here isn't excellent, I'm just an MSG fan. Thanks. Looking forward to trying this out.

  13. Pretty easy for any cook. Used about 7 or 8 large knarley onions, lost a lot of the root/heart parts. Got a quart of stock from the butcher( real) shop, very close in look and weight. Made it for my son who likes the french onion soup at Paneras. Makes a little over a quart, maybe a table spoon. I can't say what the finished soup taste like, vegan, but my son liked it cold, congealed, with very light salt, I did taste it before cooling to add salt, very sweet.

  14. MY HORRIBLE grocer didnt have fresh beets. Onions on sale, making this soup your way. Peeling away. I always took that first layer of onion off, just because it was a pain my butt to try and get that skin off by itself.

  15. Made this with your Classic French "Best Quality" Brown Beef Stock, as recommended. Wow. Your technique of braising the onions produced magical results. The aroma in my apartment went from harsh onions after an hour braising to sweet and mellow wonder after three hours. The final result was outstanding. After returning to the US after 4 years in Paris, expectations for my French Onion Soup were quite high. This definitely delivered!! Thanks!

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