REAL AUTHENTIC LOCAL Yakitori, Japanese Grilled Chicken!!


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  1. WHOOTWHOOT~! Isn't Osaka looks breath taking beautiful at night?! A must visit place in Japan!!! Also, when you go Osaka, this Yakitori, Japanese grilled chicken bar, "GAPPO" is a MUST spot!!! Give this video a thumbs up!!! Thanks for watching~! Love you!!

  2. We tried Gappo yesterday based on your recommendation and I have to agree that this place is amazing! I never really liked yakitori but after this experience, it has changed my opinion! The pork belly, chicken skin and chicken and leek was to die for! I don't understand why there was no one else when we went… It's so good!

  3. hello miss seonkyoung longest, please come here in the philippines and try our filipino foods. i am new here on your channel and i love your adventures and mukbangs. please try our filipino food and i assure you that you will never regret it your whole life. try our pork barbeque, sisig, kilawen, bicol express, sinigang, bulalo, dinuguan, kare-kare, caldereta, adobo and more… more power to you and your husband jacob. i'm looking forward on your adventure here in the philippines. love yah!

  4. Osaka has better Okonomiyaki and Kushiage while Tokyo is better for Yakitori. But you have to go to non-chain one if you want to have a good one. Chain yakitori places are only for their cheap prices.

  5. Chicken Butt! Yer killin' me!🤣 and I kept seeing the restaurant name on the menu, in english, and it reminded me of el guapo from 3 amigos…anyway, how about that charcoal? As a kid, we had a hibachi. I totally want one now, and some good charcoal. Can totally see myself making a salad and grilling up some choice chicken bits when the weather gets warmer here (NH). Any chance of figuring out how those chicken meatballs are made? Is the tare the sauce they dip into as they take the meat from the grill? Is it like teriyaki sauce? Looking forward to some good re-creations of the street food on your site, no pressure tho…😓 Thank you for posting, we have really enjoyed!

  6. Super I miss Japan and it great food. Now this music that you have on this video is so great who is that playing . And lastly I believe your in the sister city to San Francisco and that alone is reason to love it even more. Love your out of the box energy its great and that you really do love good food.

  7. Chicken butt… So delicious… In indonesia chicken butt can be satay, opor, gulai or kari and so many delicious other kind of food… So yummmyy… So fatty… Making us feeling guilty eat that… Hahaha

  8. OMG has the best time at Gappo. after a long day of shopping for hina dolls it was relaxing to go and unwind with delicious foods and beer. Thank you for the recommendation. Ps. they remembered you

  9. Chicken butt is not that bad at all. I usually make chicken skewers (satay) with chicken butt, it taste kinda like chicken skin with fat. Chewy and delicious. You should try it

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