Raymond Blanc's Best Ever Boeuf Bourguignon recipe


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  1. Raymond Blanc is an amazing guy. Always ready to share his passion for food and how to prepare it. The other guy is a fucking numpty. A complete woodentop and waste of chefs whites.

  2. This video omits a critical step. The wine is reduced by 1/2 then Brown Chicken stock (the same amount of the wine before reduction) and is reduced by 1/2. This is the marinade liquid.

    This is a serious ommision.

  3. Blanc is an authority on technique but this one he’s got wrong. 85C for 4hours? I would say slot the pan into the oven at breakfast & it should be ready for supper
    I had to raise temp to 150C after 5 hours as the blades were like leather
    Next time I left it to cook all day & it was fine

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