Raw Vegan Ratatouille! A MUST Try Recipe!


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  1. Ok… I am French and this recipe is not about making a ratatouille!! You are making a salad…I am afraid to admit that.. as you are raw.. you will never taste the REAL taste of ratatouille..

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  3. Thanks for sharing!!!! You look great! I'm making, this weekend, my third raw chickpea hummus. I did try your recipe for zucchini hummus, but found it too light. I'm going to try making a combo zucchini-raw chickpea hummus. A raw sprouted chickpea hummus. I'm planning to try a raw vegan enchilada dish, because vegan enchiladas is one of my favorite dishes. Now, to raw veganize it.

  4. Hi I have a question awkward to ask. Doesnt your intestines get tired of getting rid of so much stool? Cos Obviously you eat Tons of fiber so yours must be enormously big.

  5. Okay, so I just made this dish, followed recipe to a T and, well, it's just real unappetizing. Maybe it was my tomato but the sauce was just god awful and the cut bland veggies, I can't even eat it. There's a reason this dish is cooked. Im just bummed 'cuz I spent my shopping money for the entire week on this!

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