Raw Food Diet: Healthy Lunch Ideas : Tips for Serving a Raw Food Lunch


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  1. When we filmed these videos, the segments were together. When they became separated, people missed in the ingredients. The breakfast recipe is sliced fruit with a "granola" made of chopped dehydrated fruit and nuts. You can make a wonderful "yogurt" that's very easy… no dairy. If you would like the recipes, just email me at my web site: AngelsandIntuition (dot) org. Living Foods are the way of the future. But wherever you are on your path, embrace it!

  2. No offense Denise Im sure your a amazing woman but seriously how boring is this food, everything is cold…!!!! Raw food basically means no hot food and thats ridiculous…. You talk about not being so serious but how much more serious could you be when your only eating raw food… The world has to much to offer to just cement yourself in one narrow direction.. Go vegan or go vegetarian but raw is like putting an aspect of your life in prison….

  3. i like your videos because all together they are very informative HOWEVER when expert village splits them up into crappy unmarked and numbered segments with buts missing thats when they suck…

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