Ratatouille Recipe – SORTED Eats France


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  1. Red peppers only with Ratatouille. Sliced tomatoes not tomato sauce or canned tomatoes. Yes each vegetable should go into the oven and cook at their own time and then come together at the end! You guys look like you're fooling around with Play-Doh at Nursery School! LMAO I love Robert Keller not sure I trust you guys!

  2. I know I'm late to the party by 3 years but that was waaaaaay too much saffron in the tomato sauce. A pinch is enough for every recipe that requires saffron, that stuff is strong and expensive. With that much you could've made 5 or more Ratatouilles.

  3. Ratatouille is done all over Mediterranean. It's a vegetable stew and the only difference from country to country is the mix of herbs and spices or whatever list of vegetables you've got available.

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