Raspberry Masago Sushi Roll – Recipe


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  1. i was adopted into german-japanese (my adopted mom was japanese and my adopted dad was german) family for a good amount of time and every morning we'd have sushi for breakfast. i really wish we had some of your recipes because mom only knew three sushi recipes so it got repetitive over time. i visit them regularly and i think ill have her check out your channel! thank you!

  2. You are an absolute genius! What you do is amazing.. In Culinary School our chef instructors were VERY anti-cute garnish. Garnishing was kept to a minimum or points were deducted from your grade. Focus was on the dish rather than taking it away on the garnish. It's obvious we had different instructors. Can you comment on your training? Were you trained in Japan? I am absolutely blown away by your artistic brilliance… Keep up the good work!

  3. The background music was a bit too loud and it make it harder to hear you. But I absolutely adore your videos and your talent with stepping out of the box and making different kinds of sushi.

  4. Very nice chef, but like sushi most times less is more….the editing on previous videos where the best on my humble opinion.. dont over do it….this is youtube…if i want nice edited shows will go watch nigela in bbc or something else… ur vision and taste is what we like on a weekly basis, so more work on editing and filming and less shows will be a bad choice… but u still have a fan..

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