Ramen Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101


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  1. hello, my comment is only to REMIND the believers, for the unbelievers just ignore this comment.
    Pork is one of non-kosher foods, God forbids non-kosher food in the Last Testament of God.
    for those who touch non-kosher food, they will become unclean. For those who eat non-kosher food, they will become unclean &
    they heart will become dark (become hard to accept the truth).
    Eating non-kosher food is one of major sins.
    May God protects the believers from eating non-kosher food, Ameen.

  2. 0:23  … Exaggeration.  There are in Japan tens of thousand ramen noodle restaurants, which is an astonishing number already, but not millions.  Please do not mislead & correct.  Thank you.  Have a nice day!

  3. +JapaneseCooking101 Have you tried making your own noodles with fresh ingredients? they have many simple pasta makers, its quite simple actually. Do you have any recipe recommendations for making the noodles from scratch?
    Also, how do you cut the meat and eggs with just chopsticks? seems it requires a knife to slice up, or are you supposed to just pick up a big chunk and chew it? If I go to Japan, I dont want to be the dumb foreigner trying to cut something you are meant to simply eat..or, worse, trying to gnaw on a big slab of meat you are supposed to cut up..

  4. Hi good morning, I really liked this recipe. I make a question. ¿I can use salt instead of sea salt for meat? oh and another question soy sauce you use to make soup; is soy sauce with salt or no salt?

                From already thank you very much for your time and Kindness.

  5. hello i would simply like to share a tip. if you must leave a pot for a long time or find yourself in a situation in which a pot may boil over, simply put a wooden spoon over the top of the pot and it will help to keep it from boiling over.

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