Ragi Porridge – Healthy Breakfast Recipe in 5 mins


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  1. Im sure it is great in taste and is gluten-free as well, but please – if theres cow's milk in it, lets not call it "healthy". Milk takes away our calcium (yes!) as it is highly acidic. Also it is full of casein and mucus, which are fine for calves growing hoofs and horns, but I doubt humans need either of those.  😉

  2. For the salty version I like to use buttermilk for a nice tangy flavor and also like to salt it as well. As you mentioned this version is very good for the diabetics 🙂 Glad to know about your preparation too.

  3. I make this porridge with Ragi Huri Hittu ( popped ragi powder), so it doesn't need to be roasted. Ragi Huri Hittu is not available where I live – does roasting the raw ragi powder give the same flavour?

  4. I make this every day for my husband. I don't add anything sweet, but I do add a pinch of salt for taste. This is ideal for those who are diabetic or for those who count their calories.

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