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  1. Just so people know most Parmesan isn't vegetarian as its made with parts of animal stomachs. This is the case with quite a few cheeses so i suggest you check them for 'rennet' before you buy.

  2. Hi Barry, Just tried this recipe and it was amazing! we substituted our own fillings, but I never knew a burger with no meat in could taste so good, so thank you for the great (and healthy!) idea 🙂

  3. I made this a few days ago (just commenting now) and it was delicious.  I'm vegetarian so it's always nice to find new creative recipes to try out. 🙂 Thank you!

  4. That patty looks so delicious (and the burger at the end looked pretty darn amazing, too!). I think I'll just be making some patties in the next couple of days. Kinda like the strawberry slush – You can simply take the strawberry syrup and do some amazing stuff with that. I mixed it with sparkling water to make strawberry lemonade 😀

  5. I'm loving your vegetarian recepies! Please keep o making them, so far I have had a go on every single one of them and been loving the results even though I struggled on your coliflower steaks and they sort of ended up more like a stirfry, but the taste where amazing and the recepie have ended up on our weekly basis at our home. Even my boyfriend (who is not vegetarian like me) loves it! Much love from Sweden

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