Quick Vegetable Noodles Video Recipe | Perfect for Thermos Lunch Box


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  1. Hi Bhavna, i love the stuff you use in kitchen, i wanted to know where did you buy the pump for the big oil bottle we buy from store, i have big bottle of sunflower oil from costco and i am having hard time taking out oil. i saw oil pump in some of your videos and wondered where do i find them. i live in Virginia. thanks

  2. I love the banjo music!! I make this for breakfast, when I have leftover plain pasta and green salad (without dressing)…and any stray vegetables that work in combination…this is a great idea..thank you for sharing.

  3. Like your new style of presenting recipe. Nice music, no need viewers to fast-forward your usual draggy talk. Will be better if there is a screen on the list of ingredients or in the video description.

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