Quick VEGAN School Lunches! | Back to School


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  1. OMGGG YOUR SHORTS ARE AMAZING!!! 😍 Where did you find them? Btw love your videos and these lunches seems delicious, definitely gonna try them! 😍❤️

  2. Thank you so much, I also don't really like the whole label thing, but I just thought I would try it out, as I'm also wheat – intolerant so I don't eat wheat and I just thought it would help if I also just cut out meat in general. Thanks so much though, you really help so much and you just seem like a really cool person.❤️

  3. So I am going to try and be vegan for a week, but I'm still in school and whatever, so this video really helped and gave me some good ideas, and I just really like you and your videos, they always are so helpful and cheerful and just really genuine. I was just wandering, how did you first become vegan, like did you just cut out everything not vegan or what? (Cuz I need some help)😂😂❤️

  4. Heyyy I'm back 😂🙌🏻 Today's quote: "Mae today so awesome yesterday gets jealous " hope you are having a good summer every body and btw Kayla I loved the way you edited this video😍🙌🏻💞 Lysm💖
    ~Laney xoxoxo

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