Quick Soba Noodle Soup Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 519


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  1. Thank you for good recipe about Soba noodle. I am a Japanese to be interest in cooking. This cooking method is so good. I get new inspiration from this movie. Thank you again!!!
    If you can, could you tell me? Where are you know about Soba?

  2. you are an amazing cook , I have learned so much from you thank you! You should have your own tv show ! And not to forget you have a great personality wich makes me love watching your videos more !

  3. I'm living off of this stuff these days. Throw in lots of fresh ginger, chili and garlic for beating those flu symptoms! Pro sick tip: Throw in the sliced garlic just before serving for maximum nutrition and health benefits!

  4. The noodles are very good. But like many others said you kinda say the same thing over and over and it gets confusing. If you want to be a public figure you should appreciate feed back. Really it's for your own good, people can just take the recipe and put the video on mute, while others going to give you a true opinion so you can excel.good luck

  5. I made that for dinner tonight and it was great. I think next time, I would add some grilled chicken or some sort of meet. Other than that it was great! Thanks for the recipe Laura!!

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