Quick Meals: Easy Italian Recipes – Easy Pasta Recipe – Spaghetti Sauce Recipe


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  1. Made this twice now. Never disappoints. I added a little red pepper second time, garlic bread and a sprig of mint on top for effect. Absolutely fantastic. Thanks mate!

  2. Bonny Marche – Just bought it at my local supermarket Bonny, but just search online for 'Round Wire Mesh Skimmer' or 'wok strainer' & you will find plenty of options. Hope that helps? :)

  3. Yessss!! This is amazing. Mom is not home at the moment… which means I have to feed my self. thank you so much for this easy stuff! now I will take a run to the store :D

  4. I couldn't agree more Charlie. I often just have tortellini with just some good olive oil and maybe some freshly grated Parmesan. There are so many ways to eat pasta, and in Italy it changes from village to village and from region to region.

  5. I'm italian and we don't eat complicated sauce with tortellini. Just soup, or sour cream, or tomato sauce with a little slice of garlic and basilico. THAT IS FAST. just buy good ingredients that's the secret of the italian cousine. the easiest the better.

  6. @NRigos – I bug a lot of people 😉 I think putting salt in the water is a complete waste of time. Season at the end. Season and taste. Much better. I got the minced garlic from the supermarket. Sorry for the confusion. If they want to cook this meal in less than five minutes (Hence the title) they will have to use fresh pasta. I get that from the supermarket as well.

  7. This guy bugs me, doesnt even salt the water… If youre making videos for people that don't know how to cook, start with the basics, like salting water, or where did you get the minced garlic. People that watch a video on youtube about how to make pasta probably aren't using fresh pasta either

  8. @LilNemoFish – This is a '5 Minute' recipe for busy people. Home made is great and I also love to make a sauce using fresh tomatoes and even making my own pasta, but not everyone has the time or the skill to do that. Making everything from scratch using fresh ingredients is not what this recipe is about. Some quality ready-made tomato sauces really are excellent and perfect for this quick recipe. Try it, as it really is delicious.

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