Quick Matar Paneer Recipe Video – Indian Vegetarian Recipes by Bhavna


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  1. I made it for dinner and it tasted awesome. I did it without onion but its colour was just superb and it really tasted  heavenly delicious. keep sending your cooking recipes as they taste very, very, yummy. thank you  for the recipe 

  2. I like bhavna's all recipies.. so many of them are so easy…because I love cooking.. before I make anything new.. I like see the recipies by bhavna.. thank u so much for all these recipies … they help me a lot ..in my cooking..

  3. It would be really helpful if the ingredients along with Qty were mentioned…coz, when i clicked on the 2nd link it took me to a link where the ingredients and method of cooking were entirely different from the above cooking.

  4. My husband introduced me to Indian cuisine when we were dating 15 years ago. It quickly became my favorite. We would go out to eat this amazing food at least twice a week. Then two years ago, my husband suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. He is now completely disabled and I stay home 24/7 to care for him. Indian cuisine is one of the many things I miss most. Until you. Thank you for bringing this back into my life. So you know, this recipe is better than ANY I ever ate at a restaurant!

  5. Bhavna – You're a lifesaver! I just myself taking care of a 5-year old who loves Gujarati foods. I had never cooked any food before, let alone Gujarati food, and your videos have now made me atleast an average cook. I can't thank you enough for the help you have provided me so far. Please never stop making these videos and showing us home-cookers these fantastic recipes.

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