Quick Italian Salad – Garden Salad Video Recipe by Bhavna


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  1. the salad in the video is an italamericano salad, named because it uses olive oil and vinegar.  but it is not true italian salad as in italy.  i live in italy and we use olive oil, a little salt, sometimes a very tiny bit of balsamic vinegar, and lettuce from the garden.  put a couple green onions on the side and fresh mozzarella cheese, and sometimes red peppers and maybe sometimes a frew green olives.  but most of our salads just olive oil, lettuce and a dash of salt.  many do not use vinegar just the oil.  or common here, a tomato salad, with sliced thin tomatoes with olive oil and a little salt, and no lettuce, just the tomatoes, sometimes a little onion but usually just the tomatoes.  oregano is the only seasoning i've seen used if any seasoning is even used.

  2. this is not italian for many reasons, and I'm curious about italian seasoning. But it looks very veeeeery good 🙂 I'm italian and I love salads. Try to grate some Parmigiano Reggiano on top (if it's avaliable), instead of this one, it makes the difference 

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