Quick & Easy Healthy Meal Ideas


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  1. i tried eggs and spinach one😍 but in torttilla bcz i dont have that cocunut wrap in my country😭 but I AM IN LOVE VITH THIS

    P.S. i am eathing it right now😂😂

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  4. Hey! I loved the video. My name is Rachel and I am 13 years old, i'm home alone every for a long period of time and i was looking for some ideas for food to make. This video really helped me out. I subscribed and hope to find more vids like this in the near future. also i would really enjoy if you replied to this comment.

  5. I absolutely love your healthy eating videos! However, I recently watched the "What the Health" documentary (currently on Netflix) and it talks about how "egg ingestion is just as bad as eating a McDonald's McMuffin". And it goes on to say that eating "1 egg is a day can be just as bad as smoking 5 cigarettes per day for life expectancy". It's crazy because I originally thought that eggs were a part of the healthy food diet when in fact eggs (along with most all dairy products) are the absolute worst thing even when compared to red meat! 😱This documentary has been an eye opener, so I definitely encourage everyone to watch it. But be forewarned..you might feel like there's nothing in the world to eat when you're done 😂😂

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