Quick & Easy Congee | Jok | Rice Porridge – Thai Breakfast Recipe – โจ๊กหมูสับ แบบง่าย


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  1. Oh wow I'm from Tamilnadu, South India. We call rice porridge as kanji (congee) too !! It is so very common here except with the modern people these days who think that kanji is poor people's food except that it's not ! It's a very very good healthy food !! 😊💕 btw I loveeee ulundhankanji which is very very tasty especially with spicy sour sauce or chutney !! 😍😍😄👒

  2. i made this with small blender and i didnt tell my mom cause if i was, she'd kill me! because she thought its a very weird method. glad i'm not the only one thought about using blender 😂

  3. I wanted to say I love this short cut. I have made it twice already cuz I having been feeling that great and this is probably the only thing I can eat that goes down easily. My mom use to make this for me when I was sick. She is no longer with us, so I wanted to thank you for this easy to go recipe.

  4. I'd have a subject of video that you could maybe do. It's not about a recipe or whatever but it would be interesting to see if thailand is more chinese or indian influemced or equally in your opinion.
    Because india and china have had much cultural impact on the thai people and some aspects are clpser to chinese culture and other to indiam (food and religion is more similar to the ones in china while old architecture, litterature, customs, traditional clothings or the language is more indian influenced)

  5. Awesome! I like to eat this all throughout the day. When I mention it to Thais in a restaurant they say oh no, that's breakfast. Sad. I have been finding it in Vietnamese places. Thanks so much!!!!

  6. Hey Pai! Woks of life teaches a cool tip of freezing your rice and it breaks up nicely so your jok cooks really quickly!!! I looooove jok! Reminds me of my Cantonese grandma!

  7. Nice recipe! I always ate during rainy day replaced by beef.. In Northern of Malaysia we also used to call rice porridge as “kanji” same pronunciation as congee! ☺️

  8. Soooo, do you ever use rice cereal (Cream of Rice, in an orange box in the hot cereal aisle) to make congee? It might be a little "smoother" than you're looking for in your congee, but . .. it's ready in three minutes, no blender needed. And it's good. xox

  9. In viet we call this chao. Theres a local Cantonese Viet place near me that has the best fish congee its especially good with a side of the chinese fried dough.

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