Quick & Easy Appetizer Recipe


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  1. I agree with some of the other comments. Please talk or use subtitles. While some things are easily identified others and your techniques are hard to see and the products you're using are using. I'd like to understand more than just trying to figure out what you are using.

    Other than that, thank you for the great hacks. The potato peeling hack is definitely going to be a new tool in my life!

  2. I think you should talk in your videos. It would be much more interesting. Or if you can't speak English, have someone translate their voice over in the video. Just a tip. But I really like your videos.

  3. I am now officially hungry lol.  Perhaps in the future you could do a video on how to easily peel boiled eggs.  I love cooking, and cook quiet a bit, but have never mastered peeling a boiled egg without taking half the egg white away.  I buy free range eggs, but am wondering if what I really need to do is have my own chooks laying fresh eggs.  

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