Quick & Easy Appetizer Recipe: Layered Sun Dried Tomato & Artichoke Spread


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  1. I think may need more spice. like a sprinkled basil on top or some kind of spicy garnish. Infact.. it think a texmex southwest version may be more tasty. with one layer being sundried tomatoes and second layer a mixture of chopped bellpeper with jalpeno jelly and spread the layer. then top if off with the final block of creame cheese then garnish with diced pimentos.

  2. Wow… American cuisine is awful. You guys can't seriously call that cooking? Where is the pesto coming from? Or for that matter, the sun dried tomatoes? Cuisine-wise this video is utterly off. And it does not look good! It looks greasy, and ill-conceived. Where is the originality? Where are the tapas on the side?

    Tip: Make your own pesto. Make your own sun dried tomatoes (easy, delicious) and use goat cheese instead of that chemical stuff you use.


  3. @ruudiluca jejejejejen omg lmfao! ur funny but yes that easier! but since i luv to cook n try new things! i guess this is my type of website! 🙂 lmao

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