Quick Croissants Recipe


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  1. Confusion among comments is because the word "quick" referred to how much time YOU had to work with it, not how soon you could serve them up. This method ought to be good, but it doesn't make genuinely independent layers of dough and butter. It makes huge flakes, as the kind of flakes in a good piecrust. The layers are not uniform across each layer. How this affects the result is something each person should find out for themselves. As an imitation of croissants, I imagine it is a truly excellent one. Good enough? Only you can say.
    For people who don't have time for the labor-intensive genuine variety, this one is probably excellent. And definitely superior to no croissants at all!

  2. I tried the croissant recipe.i used normal flour … and it turned out quite crispy on the outside and bread like texture on the inside.. quite good for 1st time… we had it for breakfast. Thanks for the quick version 😘

  3. Hi, a really newbie question: do I skip the lukewarm milk part if I have instant yeast, or do I still do the mixture with the instant yeast? Thanks!

  4. NOT TOO SHABY, BRAVO. I love the music, it reminds me of the 12 I lived in Etampes France. I really like your recipe but I am about to upload an even quicker recipe especially for the working class with kids that don't have the time even for your quick and easy recipe and again I think that your recipe is very, very good.

  5. Oh, this recipe is absolutely amazing. The room temperature in my country is reach to 35°C, so should i rise my croissant in the fridge or just at room temp because i am worried that the butter will be melt and my croissant won't have the flaky texture.

  6. Please, people I'm warning you NOT to try this recipe because your croissants are gonna burn and it's not gonna taste very good.Because that's what happened to me so PLEASE🙏🏽😭 find yourself another recipe to follow.THANK YOU❤️❤️

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