Quick Cassoulet Recipe – French Pork and Bean Casserole


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  1. Please, no! This is not a cassoulet in any way shape of form. France will be putting your face on a wanted poster if you say you made a cassoulet and this is what you produce!! So much wrong in this. Breadcrumbs, chicken, cayenne, MON DIEU!!! NON CASSOULET! Still looks like a tasty dish, but not a cassoulet.

  2. I bought this fancy french cookbook a couple of years ago and made a cassoulet, you have to use duck and duck fat, let me just say it was hell making the dish and it took forever, this seems almost as good without at a fraction of the time!, only i would probably mash the beans up a little more! thanks chef John I'll be making this version

  3. I like your videos a lot and have watched almost all of them, but I find this video a little bit deceiving to label it cassoulet. Obviously cassoulet if doing it completely by scratch is a bit of a chore but I think calling this cassoulet is a bit false just because its a bean stew and cassoulet is a bean stew. I get this is a quick method but the seasonings and ingredients are just to different to call it cassoulet as opposed to a bean stew or casserole.

  4. @DejectedDonkey I think he is a real chef because he does videos for About.com too idk if that makes him legit lol but i dont think they would pay just anyone to make their videos

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