Quick Black Bean Soup Recipe – Easy Bacon Black Bean Soup


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  1. I used to have a delicious black bean soup at Grundy's @ Berkeley, CA waterfront and they garnished black bean soup with chopped boiled egg and a lemon slice. It was a delicious 1st course with the rustic bread served before the main course of Chicken Kiev. Delicious! Good memory.

  2. 💡Another YTuber (an older lady – Phyllis Stokes channel) shared how she eliminates gas from beans.
    💡Tip to eliminate gassy lentils / beans bring lentils / beans…she said bring the beans to a boil 3-4 times and rinse each time. By the 3rd-4th boil & rinse you will barely see any gassy bubbles on top…I did this on two different occasions over the last couple of weeks and I have to say IT WORKS – didn’t have any extra 🤪 gas!!!

  3. Gotta try this one. Your instruction vid on French omelet changed my life! Peeps love my omelets. They had no idea eggs aren't rubber fodder. And as always; ENJOY!!

  4. And I don't know much either, but I know I love you-ooh-ooh-oh-ooooohh [Aaron Neville voice]. Thanks for teaching me in this video that I can thicken soups without having to whiz them up in a blender and ruin all my good veggie texture by using a potato masher! You think that would have occurred to me by now, but it was always a binary before: chunky or blender smooth. Consider my horizons expanded!

  5. I watched this video last night and ran out and bought the few things I needed and made it. Absolutely delicious; the whole family loved it! Thanks for another great staple recipe!

  6. This recipe is the real deal. I usually boil the beans from scratch addind 2 table spoon of baking soda when it's half cooked and stop the heat when the beans are still a little hard. When added to the soup, they stay intact without braking and it's super delicious. I don't mash them though. It's easy to make and the taste is like wow. One more tip, eat this soup with green onions and a nice fresh baguette.

  7. So we've been chillin' down here in Florida at currently 63 degrees – brrr! lol I thought today would be a great day to make this soup and it was dee- lish!! Thank you Chef John!:)

  8. Hey Chef. Quick question. Canned beans look so much better than cooked dry beans, and in my opinion, they taste better as well. If I try to cook dry beans from scratch, some of the skins fall off, and they end up looking horrible, and for some reason, the taste isn't there either. Should I not pre-soak them? Or perhaps just a few hours of pre-soaking is sufficient? What's your dry bean secret that will let me cook up some good-looking beans with actual flavor? Thank you.

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