Quarantine Cooking: Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe


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  1. Omg that is a great recipe, I can’t wait to make on the cold fall days ahead! Paula I had a heavy kettle just like the one your using. I miss it so much! We have a year coming up on the 5th of October when we had a house fire. Its crazy how a person sees things even a year later that you hadn’t recalled to mark down for a fire loss! You are so sweet and I absolutely love watching your cooking videos! Please keep sharing! I love to see a tres leches cake too! If you have an authentic one!!

  2. Paula my Mom would save all of our leftover vegetables too. She would put them is a half gallon milk carton and freeze them When it was full she would put all the other stuff , her meat was usually any leftover meat from a roast.i have to say it was delicious. Mom believed in not waisting ANYTHING. Your soup reminded me of hers so much. Thank You for the wonderful memory.

  3. Gosh I SO SO love that you're doing YouTube videos now. I've Always LOVED watching you cook. You're my absolute favorite cook (besides my Nanny and momma of course) you make veggie beef soup just like my Nanny. I can literally almost smell it through the screen. 💛

  4. I am making this soup tomorrow! I cooked the beef short ribs in a crock pot and have all the ingredients on stand-by. So excited to make this delicious-looking soup! Please keep making these Quarantine Cooking videos. I like them 'cause they are casual and homey. This pandemic is driving everyone crazy, and your videos are a calming influence for these trying times. With love from NE Ohio! ❤️❤️

  5. Miss Paula, I've been a fan of yours since Food Network and I'm loving your YouTube channel. Thank you for the recipes and being with us. Your stories make me smile. PS–Hello from Andalusia, Alabama!!

  6. That looks sooo good!! I’m going to make this with chicken, chicken broth and chicken base, unfortunately I can’t eat beef for health reasons. I HOPE it will be good with the chicken …Thank You for this great recipe! 👍👍

  7. Such a sweet video to help that young boy…I’ve been looking for vegetable soup seasonings, glad I found this one. Love you, Paula, so glad you’re on YouTube!

  8. I was with him that was enough potatoes yeah you better put all those in there and eggs I had to put all the vegetables in all the spices in there because it gets bigger on its own so when I put it all in there girlfriend you know where the Southerners like to do it like that

  9. Aww this is just precious, what a sweet and loving card from a wonderful young man . I'm excited about the beef vegetable soup I love to cook soups and stews and chowders in the fall and winter i just love it . I have your pressure cooker love it I use it all the time .

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