Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies | Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes


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  1. The recipe has been updated and some extra tips have been added to the description box so please make sure you check it out before baking! I can't wait for you guys to try this recipe! It's delicious and so cozy for this time of year 🙂 Enjoy!

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  3. I am going to combine this recipe with minimalist bakers black bean peppermint brownies recipe, leaving out everything mint related in that one ( till Christmas)and adding everything pumpkin and cheesecake here. This but with the black bean fugdge brownie base.

  4. Pumpkin is the new eggs! I just tried a homemade pasta recipe with just flour and pumpkin and it was the best pasta I ever had. I tried it with normal flour and gluten free and both amazing. I cant wait to try it in this. I just wanted to share that.

  5. Do you always add pumpkin to your brownies as an egg substitute or just during the fall? Is there another substitute you can use for brownie mixes during the rest of the year?

  6. Omg. These beauties are coming to Thanksgiving dinner with me! Also, your channel has been one of the first "vegan" channels I've found that feels balanced and has brought so many delicious meals into my life (I love being vegan, but I was bored with it for a while). I'm thankful for the time and passion you invest — it's helped ignite my inner foodie that has been somewhat dormant since I've been 100% vegan. THANK YOU! <3

  7. I hate say this but I just put in a Thrive order and almost everything needed for a Thanksgiving meal is out of stock. Luckily I already bought items in my previous order. Hopefully they will restock immediately.

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