Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe


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  1. That my Brother was a bad ass cook. I also  use that blues hog combo mix .its awesome on chicken thighs pull the skin scrape off all the fat and put the skin back on and smoke then glaze at the end. that slaw was awesome. A very well done cook!!!

  2. I have tried just about all of your recipes. I ordered the sauces and rubs and I looked like a complete bad ass on the cookouts. I told them all where I got the recipe from so hopefully you will get a few more subscribers!

  3. Tom: Is there a reason that you placed the butt on the second shelve?. I have a 640 and place mine direct on the bottom gill.
    Do you think that on the second shelve that they absorbe more smoke. George Cal

  4. Hey you guys at all things btw are great. I would love to see you smoke a brisket both competition and just for around home eating. Any way keep up the videos. Love them

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