Pulled Pork Recipe – Smoked Boston Butt


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  1. I know this was published on Jan 20., but I am on the next flight to you!!! I have a Norwegian friend and Swedish friend I will bring! Actually you can meet them after you feed me! LOL

  2. Thanks Roel – tried the Pork Butt your way (no wrapping) tonight. Family loved it and the bark makes a difference. Also tried the ketchup based sauce and a recipe for a slightly more complex mustard sauce. Family liked both. Success on a plate!

  3. The biggest takeaway from this video is the wrap he had around the top during that cook. The new cap design is so bad that it makes a huge mess on long slow cooks. Kamado Joe denies its a big issue, but b anyone that owns one would disagree.

    Pork looks awesome btw

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