Pulled Pork In A Masterbuilt Electric Smoker by Garcia Brother BBQ


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  1. i did not rinse my butt.. before rubbing down and then freezing.. is
    that a bad thing? I am breaking in my 40 in masterbuilt and you are
    hilarious.. they are thawing since Monday and still a bit hard.. I want
    to smoke on Friday.. help!! IF I don't have 12 hours.. can I smoke and
    then put in the oven and if so… how long can I do it in the smoker at
    most.. before doing so? Do you soak your chips or not? SO NEW HERE!
    just got it.. Doing 2 butts and 2 meatloafs in pans and wanted to try
    doing a Crackerbarrel Potato casserole for kicks and grins.. ADVICE?

  2. Your awesome Ector best info video on smoking a Boston Butt on you tube !! Hands down. Every thing you need to know in 3 minutes and 5 seconds And a catch tune to go with it ! Thanks Ector

  3. Thanks for the quick informative video! I love how you got the instructions across without talking for an hour about it. Awesome pictures and editing. I'm new to smoking meat and this is the best video I've found.

  4. It all depends on the size of the cut a 6 pounder takes way less than a 10 pounder! Cooked a 6.6 pounder today and it was at 197 after 7 hours at 225 degrees. Time to pull it and wrap it. I do it this way as well but use an injection the next morning before throwing it on as well.

  5. Been cooking at 235 for 4 hours Im going to wrap it now, Its already at 167 degrees.  Im using electric. I wrapped and turned down to 220. Ill check temp each hour now. This is cooking way to quick I think according to these directions.Im thinking it will be done in no longer than 6-7 hrs? Big butt too 10 pounder. Checked with 2 thermostats  to be sure. Cooking on brand new masterbuilt electric. Ribs always come out awesome.

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