Protein Powder Dessert Recipes (2 FAST & EASY TREATS!!)


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  1. Can you talk about how muscle building changes body types in terms of buying clothes because I often feel like I wear a huge size or something in pants but when I look in the mirror I know I look good if that makes sense so maybe just kind of tell us or help us get out of that mindset that we all have to be a size 4 or size 6 and then just have huge boobs and a bubble butt

  2. Hi Susan! Amazing recipes. Quick & easy. But Susan, I have been adviced by my dermatologist to get in healthy form of proteins instead of protein shakes which are artificial. I had acne because of Athelene, Gold standard, Matrix & Quest Protein shakes which are pretty famous in the market. My derma asked me to stop using them & offer my body healthier natural proteins like eggs & spinach. Can you give us recipes which can fulfill a woman's daily protein intake? Esp when they do heavy lifting. Thanks. Much love❤️

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