Primo Pulled Pork (Boston Butt) Recipe


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  1. tl;dr version:
    – Get a bone-in Boston butt, around 8 lbs
    – Trim down the fat and apply rub
    – Wrap it and store in fridge for a few hours or overnight
    – Take out of fridge an hour before it goes on the bbq
    – Place a single mound of lump charcoal in the bbq, no divider
    – Use apple or pecan wood for smoke
    – Use heat deflectors in both halves of the bbq
    – Place a drip dish with Dr Pepper on the heat deflectors
    – Place meat on grille above the drip dish
    – Bring dome temp to 225-250 F
    – Expect to cook an hour per lbs, remove when internal temp hits 195-200 F
    – Wrap in foil and towel, place in small cooler for an hour
    – Shred the meat and enjoy

  2. Thanks much for another great video.  And especially thanks for the tip on the Stall.  Didn't know about that so glad you shared that bit of information.  Will have to try this soon

  3.  I have never of QuickLights. Where do you get them? Dr. Pepper, very interesting. The Primo Ceramic Grill looks awesome. That pulled pork looks most excellent Greg. Now I'm hungry. Great job as usual Greg. You are awesome. Right into my CULINARY playlist. The taste test is a "MUST"!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!

  4. I totally agree with you about the fat cap Greg. I always trim mine as much as possible because there is a lot of natural fat within. Root Beer is good as well. Great tips on this this cook. Very nice smoke ring. You nailed this in every way. That's the way a pulled pork sandwich SHOULD be made. Cheers!

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