Pozole Rojo with Pork Recipe / Pozole Rojo de Puerco


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  1. I have NEVER heard of lettuce for pozole I thought that was weird for me, lettuce with heat…hmm I don't think so…J/S, I don't know anyone including myself use pig feet!! (pig feet only in menudo.) But anyways thanks for showing your way of making pozole.

  2. My mother in law only uses pasilla chili and fresh tomatoes, then boils together and blended. I use pasilla, the non California chili and tomatoes too…

  3. If you're making Pozole, then pronunciation is important. I hear you saying pizolie and pazoley. Please. This is not an Italian dish. It is distinctly Mexican. It's pronounced poh-SÓ-leh. I didn't get into the pronunciation of the various types of peppers you used. You get what I'm saying. That would be like us Mexican folk saying chaikin when what we should be saying chicken. Do not open a tackkerreeuh until you learn to pronounce taqueria

  4. awesome job on your pozole…We can tell you take a great deal of pride in cooking this my granma from Colima Mexico said el gringo bein que sabe cocinar estilo mexicano un gran saludo a usted…basically she said she gives you 2 thumbs up👍👍…my grandmother loves when other races try our mexican culture

  5. Wow..I don't know how to make Pozole, I always thought it was some super difficult thing to make and you made it look easy. I wanna make it, only difference is I personally prefer the big hominy, it's just a pain to take out those seeds or whatever in them before eating them lol. Thanks for the recipe

  6. Two things put your hominy after you cook and drain into the pork stock and fry your chili sauce for about 1/2 hour in a little oil for deeper favor. but I wouldn't turn away yours looks good. each to their own keep cooking James.

  7. People are funny talking stuff but can't make a simple scamble eggs . Pork feet has lots of flavor that's why it's good to also take fat off. If you don't do it with pork feet than kept the fat. What he's doing is correct . Y'all mad go clean your dirty underwear before talking shit . Great job

  8. for all you who says this isnt authentic you are wrong and you probably cant cook. No sean idiotas por favor….no mas porque es gringo no significa que no sabe cocinar…pal menso que dijo que es arroz…no es arroz menso es maiz que no se a cocido….por favor no hablen por el jundillo

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