“Poulet Basquaise”. Traditional French Chicken Recipe.Take. 2 #SRP


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  1. I first saw your YT channel last night whilst trying to get over the mucky flu that is everywhere it seems. What an elixir you produce for the eyes and ears. You mention Keith Floyd, my hero from youth. Your show is a cure for the gripe in all of us. Thank you so very much for making a video that soothes in all the right places. I'm sure Keith is having a big glass of something delicious whilst spilling cigarette ashes about and and sweating something delicious in a beautiful pot on the hob.

  2. My husband is an alcoholic so I cannot keep any wine, beer or liquors in the house. Even if I tell him it is for cooking purposes, I'll find it has gone missing. Is there anything I can use as a substitute and still keep the integrity of the dish?

  3. Amazing dish I'm gonna try it next chicken I buy. But Jamie Oliver…dude…Seriously…."here's a bottle of salt with my name on it. It's 6 times more than the other stuff that tastes the same without my name on it. Yeah can you buy it please ?"

  4. Hello Scott.. I have been your fan for ages. Today I have 2 question for you. What is that green stuff in the rice? I assume it is parsley, and where can I buy your book? I just notice you have a book after I read Mr. Jeff Miller's comment. I have watch this video many time by the way. Thanks for awesome recipes. I will buy your book for Ramsay so he can improve lol..

  5. Watched it twice and now off to the shops with my shopping list.
    Looking forward to trying this (and finding out where that noise comes from)
    Keep up the good work…

  6. Why did you snub Jamie ?? He is far more experienced then you , that's not a good thing to do , it's jealously to say say he makes a lot of money , he works very hard . And Kieth Floyd was also a legend and the first ever to cook on tv

  7. Apparently there are 6 miserable thumbs down people with baseless vendettas against you mate! Great video, and another great recipe as usual Scott.

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