Potato Tuna Patties Recipe


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  1. Made these tonight. Used onion instead of spring onion because that's what I had on hand. Delicious. The corn really makes these great. I also used tuna in water because that's all I had.

  2. Yum 😋 I’ve actually been doing these for years .. a bit of an Aussie staple 👍 Haven’t made them for awhile so will do them very soon !
    I like some curry powder in them too 😉
    But my advice also is to leave the lemon rind out . Put some worstershire sauce in it if you like and maybe another egg because they fall apart while cooking sometimes

  3. Thank you. I have found another way to serve tuna that is less boring. And it is more tasty. I was hungry and did not want anything I had in the pantry or freezer. I remember watching this video a few days before, so I pulled it up and went to work. I actually didn't have all the ingredients this recipe calls for, but I managed with substitutes, or just left them out, like the corn. Oh, but it was still so good. Going grocery shopping to restock, and will certainly be sure to supply with this recipe's ingredients. Thanks for sharing. Oh, one other thing. It's just me, and this one venture is too much for me to eat. As eggs was one of the missing ingredients, I treated this as a 'salad'. I cooked only what I needed for that day, covered the dish and put it in the fridge. The next day I was good to go again. And I ate it like a salad. Just as delicious.

  4. Ur a forienger and we are Indians.. although you are a foreigner and making Indian dishes..makes me feel very happy..My husband loved it a lot.. Don't worry about the negative comments just ignore them and God bless you..

  5. Oh my… I made these tonight (with ingredients in my home already!) and they were…. delicious!! Thank you!!! The lemon zest is the winning element for us. Thank you! Brought some much needed flare to this Tuesday night’s dinner! 😉

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