Potato omelette ( frittata di patate ) Italian recipe


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  1. Sweet Jesus,that's some awesome food…stupid Americans might say "too much olive oil" but either they don't know about saving the oil or they're just stupid and arrogant asses…

  2. i take it she doesnt speak english because the words are way off had a few drinks was cooking and kept trying to restart the video was pissing me off thouvht the world might of had same thoughts.Had to vent thank you good video thank you

  3. Awful!Too much oil and instead of adding the pasley, you should add them at the end of cooking the omlette on as topping..This is not a Spanish or Italian recipe,by the way…

  4. Wonderfully simple and delicious. Thank you. I love to make fritatta. I made a video making one of my favorites with sausage and potatoes. I still get nervous when I flip the frittata. I'm taking your advice and wearing an oven glove from now on!

  5. Molto bene! I really like Italian gastronomy and this Omelette is simply FANTASTIC, thank you for sharing this recipe.

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