Potato Korokke (croquette) Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101


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  1. In Bolivia we have almost the same thing, its called papa rellena or stuffed potatoes. It is stuffed potatoes because instead of mixing everything with the mashed potato we put the meat and veggies inside, I guess kind of like the curry with bread, and we also deep fry it… Just thinking about it is making my mouth water. I'll try making this recipe now, thank you ^^

  2. We have something like this in germany too. It's called "Klops" and it's basically a patty, mixed with white bread (or german buns) which have been soked with water over night, then press the water out and mix it with beef, onions, salt and pepper. Then flour, eggs, bread crumps but instead of frying it (which is possible too, I guess), I make it in a pan. It's delicious :)

  3. I have a question. Can you put the korokke patties (before the panko coating/deep frying step) up in the fridge or something so you can just fry them another time? Ex: for lunch the next day.

  4. I like tis channel a lot. E brief introduction of e recipe gives us an insight to Jap fd culture, which is fun, e cooking instructions r simple n clear to follow. It always mk me hv e urge to do it!

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