POTATO GRATIN “CAKE” – Holiday Side Dish (Daniel Boulud’s restaurant) Vegetarian Recipe


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  1. I made this again yesterday and was struck by how easy it is, for quite a special result. Despite having several stages of prep, none are difficult at all and the time commitment when you have to be in the kitchen watching over it is really low. In total I think I spent ten mins chopping onions, slicing potatoes, etc. then just a few checks on the onions as they fried, but I was mainly doing other things, then blending and layering up the cake took no more than ten mins. The rest is oven time.
    I'd encourage anyone to try this, even if it looks tricky it really isn't and the result of the long cook followed by the brief high temperature reheat is a very delicious potato dish. Thanks so much Greg & please keep sharing your recipes!

  2. Am I correct that no salt is added at any stage? I didn't see any but want to check this. Also is it 120g of onions which are peeled and cored (so the weight of the prepared ingredient is less), or 120g of prepared onion? Thanks. (Just cooking this by the way)

  3. Should the water in which the potato slices are soaked be salted? Also is dried rosemary an acceptable substitute for the fresh, or will it not work for this recipe?  Thanks

  4. Can I assume that in an electric fan oven the first cook would be at 160C (they normally say deduct 20 degrees for fan?) and the second cook around 190C fan?  I'm going to try this one next weekend

  5. Hi – I'm struggling with this particular video, can't get any commentary (although I seen the annotations fine).  Was the voice commentary removed?  This looks like another fantastic recipe by the way…. very inspirational. I love the flavours that potatoes can provide when they're cooked right – that kind of sweet, complex gorgeous flavour of the browned edges – Maillard reaction if I'm correct?  Would love to see a recipe for a potato topped pie of some kind which exploits the properties of the humble spud to give an awesome crispy tasty topping.  I'm not thinking Shepherd's pie, more a sliced layered top similar to this dish with a meat in sauce below.  Meanwhile I'll try this one 🙂

  6. I made this dish exactly as described using medium red potatoes. Overlapped by a generous half and only three layers instead of 4 in a 7,5 inch pan. The presentation looks exactly the same except maybe darker around the potato edges. 
    My own comments follow. The taste is very subtle rosemary potato, light. The potatoes where detente firm ,  very good texture. From the oven they want to slide around if roughly handled. I put them in the refrigerator after cooling . The next day I cut it into pie pieces, very carefully with a very sharp knife. I plan on reheating then on the serving plate. Thank you for you time and effort.

  7. I did not see the annotation for the first baking instruction. The blank screen came up but there were no words. I would assume 375 degrees F (190 degrees C) for 60 minutes. I was able to see the second baking instruction annotations.

  8. This looks surprisingly easy to make for a michelin star recipe! Is there a chance that you might do a Dutch dish in the future? I don't know if you know any Dutch dishes, but it's usually with potato puree, vegetables, meatball with jus (don't know the English word for it). Love your video's! All of them are very delicious and exiting to make.

  9. This looks good! Thinking it may work out well for Thanksgiving dinner. A small Boar's Head Ham, A couple of Brined/Roasted Turkey Legs. Maybe Asparagus, but not sure, yet. (I like Asparagus with Ham) Thanks for sharing.

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