Potato gnocchi – Italian recipe


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  1. I've seen a few recipes using only the egg yolk (2 or 3 of them). I like your recipe better because I wont waste the egg white, but would there be any difference in texture or flavour?

    Also, why can't I peel the potatoes prior to cooking? What's the difference peeling them after?

  2. Thank you for the recipe.   I have 2 quistions please,
    1. After mashing the potatoes, do I have to wait until it's cool before adding the flour and agg?
    2. Do I have to cool the dough before start working with it?
    Thank you  🙂

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  4. Why do you boil whole potatoes with their skins on? If you wanted to make a batch of gnocchi and freeze some for later how would you do it? Would you boil them first and then freeze them or just freeze them right away. How do you prevent them form sticking together when you freeze them in batches?

  5. Kneading, a lot of times passed on through generations, back in the ole day was actually a way to test the woman to see how much she cared for her family. The more you kneaded the dough, the more it looked like you cared. Kneading for extensive periods of time was more for show than for the dough.

  6. i hated these as a kid. my italian grandmother made them and while she was an excellent cook, they always went down like rocks. lol. very heavy. they're are my favorite pasta now, tho. i think i'll make a huge batch and freeze some

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