Potato Galette (classic French garnish) professional cooking recipe


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  1. What a great recipe – I learned a lot about patience (your mantra) and technique. As with many things, everyone does the big stuff well, but what differentiates the winners from the "also ran's", is the attention paid to the little things, as exemplified here. Thank you Chef.

  2. To soak or not to soak, now that is the question. What I enjoy most about your tips and suggestions is that you include the reasoning behind it.

    I generally don't soak potatoes unless I grate them and the main reason is to keep the color. In the case of raw grated potato dumplings, it also helps to keep them lighter which is something people noticeably appreciate. I find when the water the potatoes are in starts to darken, that is also a good time to ring them out.

    With potato pancakes, my best recipe calls for squeezing out the potatoes, letting the water settle and carefully pour it out and then use the starch in the bottom for the recipe. Well it saves a bowl from use as well. I do add a little flour, but not a lot.

  3. I think this garnish is just as hard as your cauliflower garnish dish….lol tried it last winter a few times, mediocre at best…..its time to get this on right chef!

  4. Chef, looks great, but I would like to make individual galetts for dinner party plates. Do you think they could be assembled on a smooth cast iron grill? Just small galetts for each plate needed. Pan lids could cover each galette? I was thinking single servings of braised duck atop. Anyway, zounds!

  5. How different is this from pommes anna? I was looking at Mauviel's line of cookware, and they have a pan specifically designed for pommes anna. The French must be pretty serious about it, lol.

  6. Hi – do you have a recipe / method for hasselback potatoes? I tried recently but it was a bit of a disaster, the outside of the potato browned while the inside was still raw. Would be good to see your take on it, if you are looking for ideas.

  7. im a professional chef from scotland and i cook at a high level i like your idea but if u want it looking even better top and tail your potato and hammer a circle metal cutter through the top of your potato then slice it through your mandilin and you will have perfect circles for a more impressive finish

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