Potato Dauphinoise Recipe – SORTED Eats France


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  1. I like to put rosemary, minced garlic and thyme in my daphinoise. And instead of grating cheese in the cream, I'll do a layer of sliced provolone or white cheddar after the layer of potatoes and cream.

  2. you guys always gloss over the oven cooking part ….. its very complicated …. can u slow the process down and what you do at all intervals …. or make a video or 5 explaining all different techniques of baking …. and I mean "baking"

  3. Dauphine is actually to do with Dolphins because the heir to the Kingdom of France was nicknamed (and eventually titled) le Dauphin (The Dolphin) which the region was named after.

  4. Gratin dauphinois is made with potatoes, cream, milk, and garlic. You take your potatoes, you peel them, slice them, put it into a saucepan, cover with milk (not too much), season (salt + pepper+1 glove of garlic) and let it cook for about 20 minutes.
    Preheat your oven (200°C), and rubb a dish with a peeled garlic glove and butter. Then put your potaotes+milk into your dish, add cream on the top, some butter, and put it into the oven for about one hour (the top should be nice and brown, with some almost-burned spots)
    Then enjoy a real gratin dauphinois.

    (For the quantities it's about 30cL of cream for 1.5kg of potatoes, 1L of milk and 100g of butter)

    PS : maybe the recipe of Sorted tastes nice (it looks nice to me), it's just not gratin dauphinois as we made it in my home region and I wanted to share it with some food lovers 🙂

  5. His French pronunciation is so cute I can't even. We tend to call the dish "gratin dauphinois", as already mentioned in the comments. And the Dauphiné area's symbol is actually a dolphin, as the name would suggest. Don't know where this came from, though.

  6. My mum makes Pommes Dauphinoise every fall & winter for potluck dinners and holidays. She doesn't do the heavy cream part, but definitely uses lots of cheese (Emmenthal, Gruyere, and some cheddar usually) and instead of the herb blend uses caramelized onions. It is so good.

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