Pot Roast – How To Cook A Pot Roast – Beef Pot Roast Recipe


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  1. Bit of advice when braising red meat is to never use a coated pan. It will part from the pan when it's braised or seared properly without resistance to coming off the pan. Aside from that it's really hard to tell whether or not you're starting to actually cook the meat which is not good.

  2. This is very similar to the way I season and cook pot roast.  It's much more versatile and easier to reheat without those traditional pot roast vegetables, because you can always serve it with different vegetables, cooked separately, as you showed in your video.  Leftovers are great as is, or for roast beef sandwiches, or in burritos, or homemade chili, etc.  The flavor of the roast is MUCH better if vegetables aren't cooked WITH it.

  3. Thanks for the easy recipes and getting to the point to many cooks on YouTube are doing way to much talking about there life and dragging the videos keep coming with more love your channel.

  4. Oh my!!! Looks amazing…really made my mouth water when you started plating and pulling apart the pot roast!!! Thank you so much. I've got to make this tomorrow. Thanks again. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year…

  5. My pot roasts often come out stringy and I don't know why. Am I overcooking the meat? Cutting it the wrong way? It's very frustrating. Any ideas, Larry? Thanks. Really enjoy your videos!

  6. My mother (rest her soul) would do this in the crock-pot…just like you did. very cool how you do it so simply in the skillet!!! Sometimes she'd add a glass of red-wine to braising liquid, or just water (sometimes a bouillon cube in the water too!!) We had it with homemade noodles when she was in the mood!!!! thanks for recipe!

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