Pork wraps (Bo-ssam: 보쌈)


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  1. Im going to make this dish i love u maangchi.ive been to korea once and OMG i love the food ther.but back here in malaysia all its cost a lot more to make this at home.but im gonna do it anyway.

  2. Loves pork belly or bacon…i ll be so happy if i live as your neighbor….i ll go to hmart to buy this 😁. Mangjii do u make recipe book? Simple recipe that easy to understand? Where you sell it? H mart? Or korean book store?

  3. I have been watching all your videos and I really love your recipe.easy to follow and yet very delicious…thank youuu😋😋😋

    Am a Filipino but a Korean food lover especially kimchi and Shabu Shabu😍😍😍

    And when I was in Singapore been addicted to Bibimbap…..every week end I must have it😂😂😂😂

  4. 더 이상의 말이 필요가 없네요. 너무 맛있어 보입니다! 한식당 차리시면 대박 날듯 싶네요. 저도 이거보고 한번 따라서 만들어 봐야겠어요. 특히나 생굴 무우 무침은 보기만해도 군침이 꿀꺽!!@ 머리 단장을 이쁘게 하신걸보니 오늘은 보쌈 파리(파티)하시나 봐요 ^^

  5. 망치♥님! 요리는 최고!!^^ 좋아요!!!

    너무도 쉽고! 재밌게! 기본에 충실한 래시피~ 한국적이고 매력적인 맛~
    (보쌈은 매우 훌륭한 돼지고기의 맛)
    먹어보시면, 처음 경험해 보는 식감에 놀래서 절대 잊지못할 거예요^*

    *한번도 못 먹어본 사람은 있어도, 단 한번만 먹은 사람은 없는 요리입니다.
    – 한번 먹으면, 계속 먹고 싶은 행복한 요술에 빠집니다.

    Good=좋다 < delicious=맛있다

  6. I will try pork bo-ssam on my birthday and I will let you know my guests reaction to this one.. I will be also making stir fry squid and Korean noodles as well.. Thank you so much. I learned some of my delicious cooking from you..

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