Pork Vindaloo Recipe


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  1. Hi Hari – Just wondering – do you have some recipe for authentic Southern Fried Chicken? There are lots of videos, but you have something up your sleeve? Your details are perfect.regards.

  2. Today after all these years saw your video for the fist time. Very impressed. Don't be discouraged by all those other recipes on the net. I think you are really pleasant and give a lot of details. Looking forward to all your future shows. Good luck from Canada.

  3. Hari, Some recipes toast the spices first before grinding. I see you didn't in yours. Do you think it's not necessary? They say it deepens the flavor of the spices and adds a darker color to the dish. I think it's just a matter of preference.

  4. Hey Hari, love your recipes But no way can you get melt in the mouth pork, beef or lamb in 30 to 45mns! I gently cook my lamb for at least 3hrs or more till you can practically suck it through your teeth! Pork and beef are poor curry meats as they lack the fat content to be tender. Perfect caramelised onions need long slow frying for around an hour not 15mns! Love your masalas and have had great results from your recipes with give or take.

  5. Just found this video and i am impressed at the quality of your instruction as well as production. Great recipe! I made mine a little wetter, never have seen a dry one before but i must try it sometime! Ty for upload

  6. Another winning recipe just made for Sunday dinner as a treat for my wife. Used red wine vinegar and added a couple of cardamom pods to the spice blend. I also made a papaya paste and used it along with the spice blend to marinade/tenderise the pork. (4hrs) The papaya paste really works as the meat was nice and tender.

  7. Hi Hari, great video! thanks for posting. Would just like to give some constructive feedback – might be worth shortening your videos a bit to 5-8 min max, often people browsing on Youtube are used to that length of time as its not a television. Even on Tv chefs cover 4-5 recipes in half hour show. I kind of got bored and fast forwarded to points of interest in your video.

  8. Vindaloo got nothing to do with "aloo" (potato). The name comes from the portuguese dish named Carne de vinha d'ahlos which means pork marinated in wine and garlic. Goan cuisine is a fusion of portuguese and indian elements. A lot came with the portuguese, even the chilies! The portuguese dish have been adapted to the indian tastebuds and the gunk served in British indian restaurants got nothing to do with authentic vindaloo.

  9. Hello Hari, Great recipe I tried it and was very delicious. However I would just like to add that the vindaloo comes from vinho which is wine and you are right and alho which is garlic in Portuguese. Happy cooking!

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