Pork Vindaloo Recipe—Anglo-Indian Recipe—Christmas Special


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  1. I followed this recipe and the Pork Vindaloo was so delicious and yummy and everyone who tried it commented it was one of the best and tastiest vindaloo they have tasted. Thank you Bong Eats for these wonderful recipes. Looking forward to try some more of your recipes.

  2. Love from Assam. Here in northeast India pork has a cult following. One should never say to northeasterner that you dont like or hate pork, we will get offended, just say you dont eat it.

  3. I have been following your recipes for some time, but never actually made anything. Tried this one, and THIS is my new favourite vindaloo recipe!! It turned out sooo good! It has the perfect balance of cloves, mustard and chilli! We loved it! Keep up the good work 💕

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