Pork Vindaloo – Indian Food Made Easy with Anjum Anand – BBC Food


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  1. I see a lot of people saying that this is not an authentic Goan pork vindaloo. Can someone please post a link to a real recipe. I would love to try something authentic, even if it takes a while and uses more ingredients.

  2. Anjum to me you do not know much about goan cooking please refrain from doing dis services to those goans who cook authentic.   I am a goan and my mother or aunts or grand mother would laugh at the way you are misguiding all the way cause this is not the way goans or portuguese cooked

  3. I cook and I have never seen fresh chilli used for vindaloo(May be Pork Chilli), you need to grind all the masalas together and you need to use 2 different types of dried red chillies that's what gives the bright red color and heat , This looks like a cross between a pork chilli and a vindaloo, What's with Cashews and mustard?? This is not a chicken dish!! Sorry BBC Thumbs Down for this not being an Authentic Dish, But cant say anything about how this might have tasted.

  4. Anjum Anand…….the name says it all. She ain't no Goan. As much as people like to say that Vindaloo originated in the UK, I beg to disagree. It is a Goan dish, native to Goa.
    What Anjum has shown (apart from the English accent she very well 'plays the part'), the dish show is in fairness, a good pork curry CERTAINLY NOT a Vindaloo. NO WAY!!!!

  5. wow…. u really know how to fool your audience… this dish is no where close to what the actual pork vidaloo is… next time tell your audience that this is your take on the Pork vindaloo and not the actual one …. blaaaaaaaa waste of time 

  6. Thanks — I'd been wondering why there are pork dishes found sometimes in Indian food, and Goa was Portuguese, so it follows.  I started learning how to do many types of "Indian" cooking at home last year, as I am in France and it's not great and fairly rare and limited.  It's been fun locating the ingredients and learning new techniques.  It does add variety.  I always told people in NYC to be careful about ordering the vindaloo as it can be pretty spicy.  I'd probably make this with half of one of those seeded peppers, as I have pain issues and cannot bear nightshade family.  Terrific demonstration.  Just subscribed to this channel and am already doing one recipe from it for dinner tonight.  Uprated.

  7. that's not real vindaloo……………….. Vindaloo is very beautiful dish, if you know how to cook it that's fine, if you dont know how to cook it please dont show this shitty recipe on youtube, thanks

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